The 5S Numbers Game
If you are working with a team that is new to Process Improvement ...
The 5S Numbers Game will give them a first-hand, personal experience of how much easier work can be when the Work Place has been organized by the 5S Process. It gives everyone on the team a clear understanding of WIIFM - What's In It For Me.

The experience is quick, powerful and fun AND will get the Team on board with Process Improvement from the start.

In 30 60 minutes ...
  • The entire team will actually be able to feel what it's like to complete a quality improvement process 
  • They will experience the frustration of performing what should be a simple task in a disorganized workplace
  • They will also have a personal experience of the incremental increase in ease and speed available in that same workplace as it undergoes the sequential steps of the 5S Process
  • They will have had a chance to learn from the Game and share their learnings with the rest of the team
  • AND you have all had a little fun in the process
Here are the complete set of resources for you to confidently lead your Team through the game TOMORROW if you wish. Here's how you can get started right away...

We have created a full function Participant Handout that leads your Team step-by-step through the 5S Numbers Game

AND we have also created a page-by-page Facilitator's Guide showing you exactly how to lead the game and get the most Team Learning out of the experience.

Have fun with the 5S Numbers Game and watch how it builds the acceptance of further LEAN / Six Sigma activities you will be leading down the road. And, as always, we look forward to your feedback.
Here's to your Success,

SuperTeams Business Success Training

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