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You will Struggle with
LEAN / Six Sigma UNLESS ...
You have Learned
the Key People Skills
You Need
to be Confident and Effective
Leading your New Teams
You have been given all the Technical Skills you need for Process Improvement
You may have received no training at all on the People Skills that matter most... when you are Leading the Teams doing the Work of Process Improvement.

We have trained over 2000 LEAN / Six Sigma Black Belts in the Skills to ...

  • Be Confident and Effective at the front of the room with a new Team
  • Get your entire Team enrolled and participating from the Start
  • Facilitate an effective Meeting ... Every Time
  • Keep the Team on Track and moving forward
  • Deal Effectively and Respectfully with the Dysfunctional Behaviors that occur on all Teams at some point
  • And Bottom Line .... Get More Done in Less Time Without Working Harder ... and have a little Fun in the process
Over 95% of our Participants rate our trainings as either "The Best" or "One of the Best" they have ever attended.
And Now it can be Your Turn ...
If you have ever struggled with ... 
  • Resistance and Skepticism
  • Dysfunctional Behavior on your Teams
  • Wandering off track and wasting time
  • Getting Leadership Buy-In
CONTACT US TODAY ... to learn how SuperTeams Products, Trainining and Consulting Services can help you and your company learn the Tools for Leadership Confidence and Effectiveness.

For your Success,


Peg and Shelley,



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