Remember the last lousy meeting YOU had to sit thru?

Starts late, no agenda, keeps going off track, personalities taking over, nothing gets accomplished… SO FRUSTRATING!

There are 2 sides to every meeting and project – the process side & the People side.

The Problem is, most team leaders are skilled in their technical Process, but don’t get the training they need to be SUCCESSFUL on the People side – and their teams FAIL.

Remember the last lousy meeting you had to sit thru?

Balancing PROCESS AND PEOPLE is the key to SUCCESS in your business.

Let us help!

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Don’t waste your time sitting thru another lousy meeting!

Learn and practice the People Skills to:

  • Keep teams on track and focused
  • Respectfully Manage Dysfunctional Behavior
  • Build momentum, trust and ENERGY on your team
  • Create effective action plans that deliver results

We can Help!

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Don’t “hope” your meeting will go “okay” this time…
Become the “Calm in the Eye of the Storm.”

Move to a new level of Confidence and Mastery by learning and practicing:

  • Advanced Questioning and Listening skills – get more information faster and keep teams focused
  • Power Language: increase clarity, engagement and energy with the words you use
  • Confidently addressing Teams Gone Wild!
  • Emotional Intelligence: deepening personal and team awareness, collaboration and resiliency
  • Effective Coaching and Feedback: set clear expectations, measure success, and earn trust and respect!

Join us for 2 days of outstanding professional and personal growth!

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Leading a Team is a HUGE job – your reputation, the company’s dollars and people’s lives, all on the line!

How do you put all the pieces together?

  • Navigate the complexities of the team at all levels?
  • Stay focused and organized on the process / technical side?
  • Remain engaged and energized as a leader on the People side?

Achieving this level of skill requires specialized training in

4 Key Areas of Balancing Process & People:

Day 1: ME – 360 & Personal Mastery- Expanding Your Leadership Capacity
Day 2: WE – 1:1 The Leader / Facilitator as Coach and Mentor
Day 3: US – The Art of Facilitating Teams
Day 4: ALL – The Organization – “Big Picture” Strategic Thinking

These 4 days can CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

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Our unique power to connect, collaborate, nurture and influence can transform our work and our world!

  • How do women “show up” as leaders?
  • How do we sabotage ourselves AND other women – and not even know it?
  • What does it really mean to “have it all” – and what are the costs?
  • How do we use our strengths to transform our organizations and our world?

Join us for an eye-opening 2 days as we learn and practice the skills of confident, effective women who purposefully design what SUCCESS means for them at work and at home!

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