Remember the last lousy meeting YOU had to sit thru?

Starts late, no agenda, keeps going off track, personalities taking over, nothing gets accomplished… SO FRUSTRATING!

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The Problem; most team leaders skilled in their technical Process don’t get the training they need to be SUCCESSFUL on the People side – and their teams FAIL.

Balancing PROCESS AND PEOPLE is the key to SUCCESS in your business.

Let us help YOU!

Just like we’ve helped our clients below.


Don’t waste your time sitting thru another lousy meeting!

Learn and practice the People Skills to:

  • Keep teams on track and focused
  • Respectfully Manage Dysfunctional Behavior
  • Build momentum, trust and ENERGY on your team
  • Create effective action plans that deliver results

We can Help!

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Don’t “hope” your meeting will go “okay” this time…
Become the “Calm in the Eye of the Storm.”

Move to a new level of Confidence and Mastery by learning and practicing:

  • Advanced Questioning and Listening skills – get more information faster and keep teams focused
  • Power Language: increase clarity, engagement and energy with the words you use
  • Confidently addressing Teams Gone Wild!
  • Emotional Intelligence: deepening personal and team awareness, collaboration and resiliency
  • Effective Coaching and Feedback: set clear expectations, measure success, and earn trust and respect!

Join us for 2 days of outstanding professional and personal growth!

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Leading a Team is a HUGE job – your reputation, the company’s dollars and people’s lives, all on the line!

How do you put all the pieces together?

  • Navigate the complexities of the team at all levels?
  • Stay focused and organized on the process / technical side?
  • Remain engaged and energized as a leader on the People side?

Achieving this level of skill requires specialized training in

4 Key Areas of Balancing Process & People:

Day 1: ME – 360 & Personal Mastery- Expanding Your Leadership Capacity
Day 2: WE – 1:1 The Leader / Facilitator as Coach and Mentor
Day 3: US – The Art of Facilitating Teams
Day 4: ALL – The Organization – “Big Picture” Strategic Thinking

These 4 days can CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

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Our unique power to connect, collaborate, nurture and influence can transform our work and our world!

  • How do women “show up” as leaders?
  • How do we sabotage ourselves AND other women – and not even know it?
  • What does it really mean to “have it all” – and what are the costs?
  • How do we use our strengths to transform our organizations and our world?

Join us for an eye-opening 2 days as we learn and practice the skills of confident, effective women who purposefully design what SUCCESS means for them at work and at home!

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