Peg Drummond

CEO and Lead Facilitator and Trainer

Peg knows teams…

What makes them work, what stops them cold…

Since 1994 Peg Drummond has lead hundreds and hundreds of meetings from Process Redesign, Strategic Planning Sessions, and Business Plan Rollouts with billions on the table.

Her real passion is inspiring leaders and transforming organizations by changing what happens in meetings and on teams.

Peg says, “It doesn’t matter how thorough your research and data are, if your team is not motivated to work with YOU – your project will be compromised.”

Right out of high school, Peg began learning about the power of teams.

She joined the U.S. Air Force and was trained as a medic. Mentored by two Viet Nam Veteran medics, she learned the meaning of teamwork, following a process, grace under pressure, your team having your back and how that builds trust, the value of keeping your sense of humor – even in the most challenging of times, and the power we each have to facilitate kindness.

Peg knows people…

“It’s not the technical side of a project that takes teams off track, its’ how skilled the leader-facilitator is on the PEOPLE side that determines success.

Being a great Facilitator is a key skill in being a great Leader, however,

Being a Leader doesn’t mean you are a great Facilitator”, says Peg

That’s why Peg founded Super Teams in 1997 and has trained thousands of people like you to be more powerful, compassionate leaders by learning the skills to facilitate great meetings. Field tested simple tools… that WORK.

Super Team’s flagship course “Super Meetings” Leadership and Facilitation Intensive is a piece of the core curriculum for the Navy’s Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training since 2003.

She consults and trains with all branches of the Department of Defense, state and national governments and Fortune 100 and 500 companies to grow their leaders.

Peg says, “All of us are leaders – at work, at home. How we show up – who we are BEING every day, impacts someone and defines who we are.  Is your AUDIO matching your VIDEO?” 

Her combination of world class content and delivery, energy and enthusiasm, and ability to connect with people and  have resulted in over 97% of her participants ranking her meetings and training as THE BEST or One of the BEST they have ever attend in their LIFE! We believe you will too.

Peg has trained extensively in Facilitation, Leadership Development, Mediation, Accelerated Learning techniques, and Dynamic Workshop design and delivery.