The “Elite” Facilitator

Don’t HOPE your most important projects and meetings will “Go okay” this time…

Become the “Calm in the Eye of the Storm”… no matter what’s happening in the room!

Super Teams 2-Day Elite Facilitator Advanced Leadership & Facilitation Intensive is a highly experiential Team Leadership and Facilitation training that equips graduates with the tools to lead effective meetings and projects and become more confident, skilled and powerful team leaders.

Super Teams ”Elite” Facilitator Intensive is designed for graduates of our Super Meetings 2 day or 3 Day Leadership and Facilitation Intensive. The content and direct learning experiences are designed to produce team leaders who are confident and effective in front of any group in any setting.

Course Objectives

Equip all participants with the following skills, tools and techniques, and provide multiple opportunities to learn and practice with expert coaching and feedback

  • Advanced Questioning and Listening skills: get more information faster and keep teams focused
  • Power Language: increase clarity, engagement and buy-in
  • Emotional Intelligence: deepening personal and team awareness, collaboration and resiliency
  • Effective Coaching and Feedback: set clear expectations, measure success, earn respect!
  • Increase your capacity for patience and awareness in stressful situations
  • Break through old behaviors and attitudes that have limited your ability to be an inspiring leader
  • Experience a huge boost in comfort & confidence at the front of the room
  • Confidently address Teams Gone Wild!

Prerequisite: Graduate of “Super Meetings” 2 day or 3 Day Leadership and Facilitation Intensive. Click Here for SUPER MEETINGS

Please allow a minimum of 60 days experience using the Super Meetings tools with your teams before attending the Elite Facilitator.

Class size is limited to a maximum of 16 to maintain the high-impact training environment and maximize participant coaching and feedback.

The Elite Facilitator has been delivered to team leaders across the globe. Our clients include Fortune 100 and 500 companies, all branches of the Department of Defense and Local, State and National Government.

The Super Teams “Elite” Facilitator Intensive uses Accelerated Learning Training Design to keep the team participating and involved.  Multiple practice sessions each day and small group exercises throughout the training provide the opportunity to immediately apply and practice new tools and techniques with one-on-one coaching and feedback from the instructors.

Course Outline


  • Welcome and Opening
  • Debrief Pre work Exercise
  • Content & Context – Roots and Fruits
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Power Language
  • Power Teams – Mission CONTROL!
  • Leadership Navigation Kit


  • Welcome and Review
  • Coach and Mentor – Being a Great Leader
  • Breathing L.I.F.E. back into your Team!
  • Putting It All Together
  • Closing the Session & Graduation