Strategic Leadership Program

How do you help your team fit all the pieces together?

The complexities of a team are deep and wide, up and down all levels of your organization.

Balancing Process AND People- along with the expectations and responsibilities in your leadership role can be daunting

Course Objectives

How do YOU:

  • Stay focused and organized on the process/technical side?
  • Remain engaged, energized, approachable and confident as a facilitator and leader on the People side?

The Strategic Leadership Program is built specifically for you!

  • In this 4-day Leadership Intensive we provide you the opportunity to equip yourself with skills, tools, and techniques to dramatically increase your effectiveness and performance as a Leader and Facilitator
  • Each day focuses on one of the 4 Key Areas of PEOPLE Strategy
  • Multiple live practice sessions with expert coaching and feedback result in an upgrade in your confidence as a leader and success as an effective communicator and facilitator.

This course can change your life!

Course Outline


Puzzle piecespng-01YOU! Personal Mastery – Expanding Your Leadership Capacity

  • Develop your Personal Leadership Style and Energy -increasing your confidence, communication skills and effectiveness with anyone in your organization – at all levels.
  • A 360 Peer and Self-Assessment tool is completed 2 weeks prior to the training. From your personal assessment, Key Leadership behaviors are cultivated, practiced and discussed. What propels us forward? What might be getting in our way – and our teams’ way?


Puzzle piecespng-02WE 1:1- The Facilitator as Coach and Mentor

Prevent Confusion and Dysfunction on your team, while increasing your
Effectiveness AND Success

Building on your skills from day 1 – Learn and practice Coaching as a “PROCESS”

  • How to use the process to save TONS of time and energy – and dollars, for you and you team!
  • How to “check in” with team members – throughout your project – not just when things “go wrong.”


Puzzle piecespng-03US – The Art of Facilitating Teams

Leaders are often in their role because of their TECHNICAL expertise, yet they’re RARELY given the critical PEOPLE skills they need to lead meetings and teams effectively – and the results show…

Day 3 is dedicated to learning and practicing the KEY skills to successfully facilitate your teams:

  • Plan for SuccessPRE WORK the Secret to Successful Meetings.
  • Ask Power Questions – ASKING versus TELLING. What to ask, when and how!
  • Stay on Course – Keeping yourself and the group on track and focused
  • Address Dysfunction – Deal respectfully with Dysfunctional Behavior and keep the group moving forward
  • Expand your ENERGY – The DEAL BREAKER (and secret) to GREAT Teams!


Puzzle piecespng-04 ALL – The Organization – “BIG Picture” Strategic Thinking (puzzle piece)
Connecting my team and our work to the Organization’s Vision and Mission

WIIFM – What’s in it for ME? :

  • Clarifying our Team’s Objective.
  • Why is our work and our project important?
  • Creating an “Elevator Speech” for your team.

Walking the Talk: Key Meetings with Leadership – What to say and How to say it, to get the support and results you want for your team and the organization

  • •How to ask difficult questions of leadership to get the support you need.
  • What to say when push back, inconsistency, or sabotage occurs.
  • How to be an effective advocate for your team and their work.

The Strategic Leadership Program
has been delivered to thousands of team leaders across the globe. Our clients include Fortune 100 and 500 companies, all branches of the Department of Defense and Local, State and National Governments.

The Strategic Leadership Program
uses Accelerated Learning Theory to keep the team participating, energized and involved.

The combination of content and immediate practice of the new techniques with coaching and feedback, provides a permanent upgrade in leadership, confidence, and facilitation skills that can be applied back on the job the very next day.