All of us are leaders – at work, at home. How we show up – Who we are BEING, every day, impacts someone and defines who we are.

Having a wingman is SO important! We’ve got your back!

We work 1:1 with you to strategize and plan for your meetings, projects, address team challenges and focus on your own growth as a leader.

Get the support you need developing effective Session Objectives and Agendas, handling dysfunctional team members, keeping yourself and your team on track and taking action.

Please call and set up an introductory 30 minute phone consultation to talk about your needs and how we can help!

Let us help you make sure your meetings, workshops and conferences are an overwhelming SUCCESS!

Step 1: Planning for Success: The Pre work!

We’ve got years in the field doing this work – we help you handle all the loose ends that can get missed and create problems before your session even begins.

We will work with you to:

  • Create a Pre Work checklist to make sure the right people are at your session and are prepared to hit the ground running when your meeting starts – on time!
  • Clarify the Session Objective – a step that often gets missed in the beginning and throws your meeting off right from the start,
  • Develop a solid, realistic agenda
  • Cover all the logistics – room set up, needed materials, charts, easels, Audio – Visual, refreshments…

Step 2: Facilitate your meeting or Co – Facilitate with a member of your team.

Professional Facilitation is what we do!

Let US facilitate, freeing you up to participate as a team member and subject matter expert.

We will keep the team focused and on track, respectfully address dysfunctional behavior, ask great questions that get you the information you need to make sound decisions, create actions plans to move the team forward, and keep the group energized and enthused.

Remember the last time YOU had to sit thru a boring training? Death by Power Point, lecture after lecture, BORING, fighting to stay awake…

  • How much did you learn and retain in that kind of environment?
  • How much time and money was wasted?

Don’t let yourself or your teams sit thru another boring training again!

WE CAN HELP! – Using Accelerated Learning Techniques and innovative workshop design we will partner with you to incorporate your technical data and content into interactive, high energy trainings.

Participants will learn faster, remember longer and be able use what they’ve learned when they go back to work.

Please give us call to talk about your Return on Investment when your people say: 

THANK YOU! That was the BEST training I’ve been to in MY LIFE!

(That’s what 97% of SUPERTEAMS training participants say about our Trainings)

Peg Drummond knows Teams…

Peg says, “It doesn’t matter how thorough your research and data are,

If your team isn’t motivated to work with YOU – your project will be compromised.”

Her energy, thought provoking ideas and years in the field will inspire and challenge you

Let Peg energize your conference!

Since 1994 Peg Drummond has lead hundreds and hundreds of meetings from Process Redesign, Strategic Planning Sessions, and Business Plan Rollouts with billions on the table.

Her real passion is inspiring leaders and transforming organizations by changing what happens in meetings and on teams.

Right out of high school, Peg started learning about the power of teams.

She joined the U.S. Air Force and was trained as a medic.

Mentored by two Viet Nam Veteran medics, she learned the meaning of teamwork,

following a process, grace under pressure, your team having your back and how that builds trust, the value

of keeping your sense of humor – even in the most challenging of times, and the power we each have to facilitate kindness.

Peg knows People…

It’s not the technical side of a project that takes teams off track, its’ how skilled the leader- facilitator is on the PEOPLE side that determines success. 

Being a great Facilitator is a key skill in being a great Leader, however,

Being a Leader doesn’t mean you are a great Facilitator,” says Peg

That’s why Peg founded Super Teams in 1997 and has trained thousands of people like you to be more powerful, compassionate leaders by learning the skills to facilitate great meetings. Field tested simple tools… that WORK.

SuperTeam’s flagship course “Super Meetings” Leadership and Facilitation Intensive is a part of the core curriculum for the Navy’s Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training since 2003.

She consults and trains with all branches of the Department of Defense, state and national governments and Fortune 100 and 500 companies to grow their leaders.

Peg says, “All of us are leaders – at work, at home. How we show up – Who we are BEING, every day, impacts someone and defines who we are.  Is your AUDIO matching your VIDEO?” 

Her combination of world class content and delivery, energy and enthusiasm, and ability to connect with people and  have resulted in over 97% of her participants ranking her meetings and training as THE BEST or One of the BEST they have ever attend in their LIFE!

In her interactive “hands- on” session, your conference attendees will walk away with tools they can use for their own leadership development and to boost their team’s performance the very next day.

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