Women’s Leadership Forum

Women have unique talents and strengths the world needs now!

Imagine spending 2 eye-opening days with like-minded women learning the tools that successful women leaders use to SUPPORT themselves and their ORGANIZATIONS to:


  • Increase communication, innovation and collaboration across functions and throughout your organization.
  • Accelerate decision making and productivity – saving energy, time, and dollars!

Course Objectives

What’s in it for YOU?

  • Identify your own Personal Brand of Power – and how to use it
  • Speak with confidence and authority by removing words, gestures and non-verbal cues that sabotage you at home and at work.
  • Identify habits and behaviors that Expand Your Power Base and your ability to influence at all levels of your company.
  • Learn to Trust Yourself More, minimizing self-doubt – make decisions better and faster.
  • Use the unique elements of women leaders; feel more Calm, Confident, Centered and Successful.
  • Increase Your Marketability for leadership roles.
  • Restore Your Energy and sense of well-being – Create time for yourself and the things most important to you in your life.


Yes, Women have come a long way in a few short decades.

Yet, we can outwardly “have it all” and still be draining our power and energy – sabotaging ourselves at work and at home and not even know how and why we are doing it . . .

Women have what the world needs. Our unique skills of collaboration and connection, nurturing and strength can influence and transform our organizations and our world!

Come ready to learn and practice the skills of confident, effective women who purposefully design what SUCCESS means for them, at home and at work.

And have time to enjoy the journey!

Become even more powerful – gracefully, feminine and fearless, calm and confident – using our gifts as women and leaders to make the world and our work better for everyone.

Course Outline


  • Welcome and Overview.
  • Women and Leadership – Power & Force: What’s it all about?
  • Defining and Redefining our Personal Power.
  • Personal Branding – Marketing Me!
  • The Meaning Making Ladder – Women and Power.


  • Review Day One.
  • Power Leakers: Language, Cues, and Attitudes.
  • Archetypes: Mother, Victim, Warrior, Hero –
    What’s your story as a Leader and a Woman?
  • Emerging Powerfully – at Work, at Home – Inside and Outside.
  • Closing and Graduation.


Super TeamsWomen’s Leadership Forum” uses Accelerated Learning Training Techniques to keep participants engaged, learning and involved.  Multiple small group exercises and interactive discussions throughout the training provide the opportunity to immediately apply and practice new tools and techniques with one-on-one coaching and feedback from our instructors.

Please join Us!