Super Meetings

Facilitation and Leadership Intensive

Research shows that poorly run meetings are the biggest waste of time in any team member’s work day.

The measurable loss in productivity is staggering – and frustrating:

  • 52% of managers spend 6 hours or more a week in meetings.
  • 25% of team members have meetings every day.
  • Survey by the Wharton Center for Applied Research showed that these attendees feel up to 50% of their time in meetings is wasted.

Research also shows team leaders and facilitators are rarely taught the skills to:

  • Coordinate the actions of the team
  • Increase group participation
  • Build commitment, morale, and enthusiasm
  • Keep the group on track and focused
  • Respectfully manage dysfunctional team members

WE can help!

SUPER MEETINGS 2 day or 3 day intensive is a highly experiential Team Leadership and Facilitation training that equips graduates at every level in your organization with the tools to lead effective meetings and become powerful team leaders.

These critical skills will upgrade your entire team’s performance and their results – from new front line supervisors to the key “influencers” in your organization.

Super Meetings

has been delivered to thousands of team leaders across the globe. Our clients include Fortune 100 and 500 companies, all branches of the Department of Defense and Local, State and National Governments.

Super Meetings

is an integral component of the U.S. Navy’s NAVSEA LEAN/Six Sigma College Black Belt Certification Program delivered throughout the Department of Defense

Course Objectives

Equip all participants with the following skills, tools and techniques, and provide multiple opportunities to learn and practice with expert coaching and feedback

  • Set up, start and close a meeting on time
  • Keep the team focused on key issues and involved in the process
  • Quickly and effectively gather information from your team
  • Respectfully deal with Dysfunctional Behavior and difficult personalities
  • Develop and maintain Consensus among team members
  • Create clear expectations and action plans to achieve your goals on time
  • Increase energy, momentum and participation from the whole team!

Course Outline


  • Welcome and Overview
  • Content & Context
  • Opening the Session
  • Power Questions
  • Pen Power
  • ENERGY! – The Secret to Success


  • Walk the Walls Review
  • Team Tools
  • Pre Work: Planning for Success
  • Staying on Course
  • Addressing DysFUNction
  • Closing the Session


Don’t miss this opportunity for your team!

Participants of the 3 Day Super Meetings say:

”Day 3 really solidified all the tools for me, I GOT IT!” 

“The practice and coaching made all the skills and tools click in a new way for me.”  

“Practice, practice, practice – Lightbulbs kept going on!”

Student’s lead and facilitate all of Day 3 using the tools learned and practiced in Day’s 1 & 2, as we incorporate real world meeting scenarios LIVE!

With coaching and feedback throughout each module, participant’s individual performance, understanding and energy expand to a new level.

  • Opening the Session – Team Lead
  • Team Review of Days 1 & 2 – Putting it All Together!
  • Out of the Nest – Fly Facilitators: Facilitating Interesting Teams.
  • Closing the Session
  • Graduation
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